Organizational Structure

Organizational structure play a vital role in achieving the goals of the organization. But in today s time some analyst are suggesting that these structure are becoming an hindrance to our performance. All they do is add delay to the process and plus they tend to kill creativity. 


10 thoughts on “Organizational Structure

  1. It is true that organizational structure these days in not only becoming hindrance for themself but also decrease the performance by increase in delay of work done by approvals specially.

    The simple way to overcome this problem is to create work groups and support teams in their decision making. If the decision taken went wrong so teams should be trained on how to make it right rather than walk away.

  2. Imagine a body without skeleton, is it able to stand firmly? No, its not!

    Every organization is different. Some are hospitals where the decision about patients’ life is at discretion of doctor and since it calls for accountability and responsibility; structure is a must. Some are Lawsuits, where certain codes decide about freedom or death sentence; they want evidence and a structured process to deliver the best decision based on all available information; so, structure is mandatory. The engineering solutions where every new creative idea is based on some already understood formula, theory or explanation; so structured decision making is accredited.

    Still, it’s said that organizational structure delays; Yes ! they do. For a staff finding a patient in need of treatment, waiting for doctor’s order is a delay. They chain creativity; Yes ! they do. For an engineering student to trying matching his idea all the time with long running formulae creates agitation and eventually sticking back to the basic norms. In a lawsuit, it wastes time on silly questions wasting significant time in insignificance work- up; so it wastes time as well.

    Based on the nature of operations at any organization, structural orientation at different levels is required. The structure should be so lean that it provides the base to the operations to fly around freely yet bounded. Let’s move out of the cabins culture of our society and start working genuinely for the common goal as an effective, efficient and productive team.

  3. Organizational Structure has been one of the hindrance to performance. The bureaucratic style of work, the following of chain of command from junior to top executive always creates hurdles in the organization. Now a days many organization are turning towards cross functional teams where people from different departments come together to achieve a certain goal or objective and get dispersed when the work is complete. This means the disturbance in the organizational structure making organizations structure flat so that all the employees can work towards the same goal

  4. Organization structure does kill creativity because a person who is at the lowest level may have a bright idea but the immediate supervisor or head may not like it or approve it. I would agree with Sana’s comment that cross functional teams are the order of the day. People tend to work more freely and more passionately towards a goal when a team or members of the group are also involved in achieving a task. Organization structure is a hindrance but if we look at it from a positive angle, changes in organizational structure can bring about many positive responses. For example an “open door policy” from the top management, :”emails that can be shared” throughout the organization to even the lowest level employee from the higher ups can boost the morale of the employee aswell

  5. Organizational structure is changing into flat structure nowadays this is because of increasing the span of control. By the improved communication through technological advancement each individual is able to monitor the performance of more subordinates now. It is also true that this philosophy of organizational structure is killing the creative ideas. This issue can be resolve through by creating a Team. And every individual of the organization are allowed (without approval from their superior) to convey their creative ideas to this Team. After which this creative idea is evaluated and implemented which will in the end motivate the employees, boost the creativity in employees and removes the barrier formed by organizational structure. Another issue is causing delay in the process which can be resolved by delegating some authority to employees so that they do not have to wait for the approval for every small task which will also improve their decision making skills.

  6. Everything has it pros and cons so does organizational structure. When we talk about the formation of structure it happens only when the organization grows and have hundreds of people in the organizational tree. Structures are formed for better quality of work and proper monitoring which is very essential in the organization to succeed. The three thoughts for organizational structure from my side would be:
    1) Companies should start with being horizontal and when it starts growing it should make it’s structure wide but there shouldn’t be any communication lag.
    2) Organizational structure reduces losses and increases growth opportunities.
    3) Structure should be changed with time and in accordance with organizational life cycle.

  7. Though both organizational approaches stand valid and logical within their own perspective, the important thing here is to understand the nature of business the particular organization is engaged in.If time is a priority that the organization cannot let suffer, creating rigid structures may affect negatively on the business flow. However, if time is on hand, organizational structures can really benefit the flow of the work while value addition on each stage can also be managed and monitored more effectively.

  8. Organizational Structure should always be a dependent function of firm’s strategic initiatives, level of operations and industry growth For me, these variables are actual determinants for developing an effective Organizational Structure. For example, a firm longing to achieve economies of scale under Cost Leadership strategy, would be happy with Functional Structure as it is ensuring accountability and reliability in their work activities.

    I think the problem starts when the decided and clearly communicated Organizational Structure is not properly implemented and the employees face hurdles in comprehending their reporting lines. This generally starts when an employee is brought in the state of ambiguity where he is unclear of what is expected of his identity (concept of Multiple bosses). Furthermore, I would describe this stage as “State of downturn”, because at this moment an employee’s positive traits are vanquished by aforementioned negative practices/forces.

    Therefore, I believe that it is very important to SELECT and then also IMPLEMENT right Organizational structure that can ultimately help business in achieving its competitive strategy.

  9. Structure is important for every organization because it ensures monitoring, it never becomes hindrance to performance if management consist of appropriate professionals which also involve in structure design and appreciate creativity.

  10. i think organizational structure is very important for any organization whether big or small, manufacturing or service oriented etc. However, the real question is whether the structure of organization is bureaucratic or cohesive, discouraging open communication and hence the creativity of employees. organization’s success indeed depends on what kind of structure it has. If it has a good functional structure then it can reap following results:
    1. provides guidance to all employees by laying out the official reporting relationships that govern the workflow of the company.
    2. creation of specific job positions within the organization and the assignment of responsibilities to each of those positions.
    3. establishment of a line of communication that includes every level of the structure.
    4. it is also seen in the process of purchasing raw materials and other resources for the operation of the business. Clearly defining who can manage these tasks and empowering these employees to gather data and work within company guidelines to place orders for goods and services will ultimately aid every aspect of the operation.
    5. Marketing executives may use the structure to communicate with sales personnel, owners, and others who provide inspiration for ways to create ad campaigns and otherwise market the companies goods and services.
    6. helps in formulating performance measuring tools for employees
    hence, Organizational structure affects both the overall behavior of firms and the situations of
    individuals and subunits within firms. And the positivity of the affect certainly depends on the type of the structure the organization adopts.

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